dinsdag, augustus 31, 2004


Squash Medjool Dessert

1 cup diced squash
1 tablespoon honey
2 Medjool dates
some cinnamon

Put all ingredients in a saucepan, together with a splash of water (just some to cover the bottom of the pan). Bring to boil. Lower the temp and simmer for about 15 minutes, till squash is somewhat tender. Stir often.
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My Breakfast

This morning, I had lots of time to enjoy breakfast. I had MidasGold pancakes with gooseberry jam, topped with nut yoghurt. Mom is teaching me to put the things I like on the pancake, to roll them up, and then cut them with a knife and fork. I drank nut milk.
I remembered the watermelon in the fridge, but it turned out it had gone bad.

by Deanna

1 cup almond flour
4 eggs
2 tablespoons honey
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda

Toss all ingredients in the blender. Pour in hot waffle iron and cook according to waffle iron instructions or cook like pancakes. We use a Dutch 'Knieperties iezer', which gives us the flattest possible pancakes with a nice lace/flower pattern on them.

maandag, augustus 30, 2004

Tooth missing? What tooth?


Ride For The Roses (Dutch link)

Yesterday we were at the Ride For The Roses in Oldenzaal. Scott & mom did the 25km tour. Me and Finn were in the bike trailer. We saw thousands and thousands (about 10.000!) of cyclists, very impressive. On our way back in the car, I ate a apple. That's when my tooth fell out.
(SEE Lance RIDE!)

Today I am totally restless. I make lots of sounds and I am full of energy. I can't explain.

I was the first to spot the crow. I told dad it was there. Scott kept feeding it corn. Next thing you know, it sat on our table, sipping cappucchino (no kidding). The crow got more aggressive and Finn was very afraid of it. Mom scared it away later with a broom. We think it is the funny crow from the boy at Finn's school.

Still growing. Next month or october is harvest time.

zaterdag, augustus 28, 2004



For dinner I had:
one (raw) herring
special ketchup
an omelette
and a beef pattie
I was already in bed when I remembered the watermelon in the fridge. Dad gave me lots & lots. And when that was all gone I was still kind of hungry. Luckily there was ice cream for me.

vrijdag, augustus 27, 2004

Geke and I did some painting. We made a zoo. Posted by Hello

Special Ketchup. Home-canned in small Weck pots. The colour may be different, but the taste is better than the 'real' thing...  Posted by Hello

donderdag, augustus 26, 2004


Lots Of Work To Be Done On The Special Farm

After a long day on the Special Farm, mom surprised me with a tractor exactly like the one Farmer Jos is driving.
Today, Farmer Jos and me went on the tractor together. This is extremely exciting for me. The impression this makes is almost too big. Hey, but I'm tough...I'll handle it...! The day went well. I stayed till 14:00. Lunch was great. Farmer Karin said that I had eaten very well.
The ducks had young chickens. Their big Orpington Chicken is sitting on 11 eggs...
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woensdag, augustus 25, 2004


New Dessert

Mom made this for me this evening:
1 peeled & deseeded Medjool date
1 very ripe banana (in fact the skin was black)
1 big cup of steamed squash
Mash all. Enjoy. It is these nice, single carbohydrates that make me grow and keep me healthy. Last week 20,8 kilo's.



And the finally I have a couple of books about knights and castles. But also about trains and motorbikes.

...playing with the Lego Special Farm. My horse is jumping over the fence.


The Very Interesting Cricket

This morning this cricket (is it a cricket?) was in my room. We placed it in a glass jar to look at. Finn brought it some food: leaves and Colorado bugs.

It may be a nice idea to read The Very Quiet Cricket again.


To The Library Getting Some Books

You may know that I have 4 different teachers. They teach me many things, right here at home in my own workspace. The teaching is based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, aka ABA. Every monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday I have 1-on-1 education. On thursdays I go to the Special Farm. In the weekends there's my brothers to play with. Hopefully I can sometimes stay over on the Special Farm for the weekend.
Usually, in the mornings we sit down and do some serious teaching, but the afternoons are for a bit more fun. Like going to the library here in the village. I am still searching for a nice book about knights.
Going to the toilet has been very difficult for me for years, really. BUT! Ever since we went to France, my toilet habits have improved almost to perfection. No one has to tell me to go, I will do this when I feel I have to.
Tips & Tricks for getting your child with autism potty trained

dinsdag, augustus 24, 2004


Today Mom and I Went To The Zoo

...and we saw the Brown Bears, elephants (they have so much more space now!), plus so many other animals. When we went into the Egyptian Kashbah to see some bats, I was out of there at once. The funny fluttering they do is wild. It scares me a bit. A lot in fact. Posted by Hello

maandag, augustus 23, 2004

....but all the time I was just a bit scared of the frogs. I saw them jumping out of the bath. Watching it all through the window seemed much safer for me. Posted by Hello

Scott and his friend caught another bunch of frogs. They were set free soon. Also they caught a shrimp and some tiny fishies. Posted by Hello

Some broccoli from the garden. Broccoli is my favourite vegetable. Steamed with just some roasted pine nuts. Posted by Hello


Knights & Castles

Ever since we got to see and walk through Carcassonne (in the South of France), I like knights and castles. maybe this afternoon Wendy will take me to the library to borrow some books about it. Posted by Hello

zondag, augustus 22, 2004


Nut Yoghurt Perfectionism

Yesterday mom has done something different with the nut yoghurt. She got more out of it and it was creamier. She told me she has stirred the yoghurt three times when it was fermenting. Less water, more yoghurt.

Detailed Instruction Sheet for making Nut Yoghurt available!

zaterdag, augustus 21, 2004



Mom's been really worried about my going to school. She'd like for me to go to a regular school, with a separate (semi-integrated) group for kids with special needs. This seems not to work out at all. She has had no word from the people who would try to make this happen. She is very sad about that. Also, I would love to go to school and finally make some friends. So she is now, together with dad, trying to find some kind of solution for the future. Luckily there's someone to help them thinking.

vrijdag, augustus 20, 2004


When The Frogs Come Out

If you look closely, you can see the small green frog on the stone island in the water. Scott also caught a small and a bigger brown frog later. They are really slippery and cold. But nice and funny to look at. They all escaped. Posted by Hello


Babe, The Gallant Pig

Today it was raining and raining. I asked if I could see the video Babe, The Gallant Pig. Mom put it on and I loved it, as always. Posted by Hello

donderdag, augustus 19, 2004

The drawing I made with Karin. It is the Special Farm (Dutch link). You can see Farmer Jos, me, the cow, the wheelbarrow, the tractor and the farm. Posted by Hello

Just look at how our Friesche haan (rooster) has grown. He is not afraid of us, but getting quite cheeky. He will run after me and ask for food. He harasses the chickens. Posted by Hello

woensdag, augustus 18, 2004


Expanding my Diet

While in France, I tried aged goat cheese. Of course it tasted really nice. I remember that I used to love cheese, but I haven't eaten any since I was about 4. Eating cheese and drinking regular milk was nice, but I feel better without. I seems my gut wall has healed quite a bit because of the Specific Carb Diet. If it had not healed, I would most certainly have had a terrible day full of regression. It did not happen.
Also, just before our holidays, I started eating the 24hrs-fermented goat yoghurt. I started with tiny amounts (1/8th of a teaspoon, every other day). I am looking forward to trying the yoghurt again. I liked the smooth, creamy taste. I had no problems eating the special yoghurt.

dinsdag, augustus 17, 2004

Scott performing his magic on the trampolene. Posted by Hello


Preparing The Pumpkin Patch

My Pumpkin. See my name? Posted by Hello

After we came back from the movie, what a surprise! Two tractors, two manure injectors. We waved at the farmers and they waved back at us. Posted by Hello

maandag, augustus 16, 2004


The Famous Poulet Bresse

In the region of Bresse, France, we saw a lot of these Bresse chickens. They have the entire field for themselves. They can run very fast. They taste heavenly. Posted by Hello

When we got home, my neighbour who took care of the mail, the chickens & the cats, gave me this poster. Posted by Hello

Asleep in the tent somewhere in the South of France. In the morning, we'd all be somewhere in one corner.  Posted by Hello

From our holiday...the goat farm in Bresse, France. Here we stayed a couple of days. The donkey used to call out to Scott to feed him. Posted by Hello



...from France, the sun, the beach, the mountains, the glorious fruit, the nice farm animals...to watch the Olympic Games. During our holidays we DID see Lance Armstrong swooshing by in his Blue-USPostal-Team-Train in one of the last stages...very impressive. I can't wait to go to the Special Farm again.

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