vrijdag, maart 23, 2007


With all my classmates, we went to 'Bengeltjesdorp' in Hengelo for our yearly schooltrip. Climbing, sliding, building, dancing, eating, playing, drinking.....FUN!

donderdag, maart 22, 2007



Usually, I go to school on Tuesdays, but all teachers had to go to school themselves. So we had to figure out something else. My good and long-time friend and teacher Karin took me to the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. Much fun, we had a great time!
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donderdag, maart 08, 2007


Happy Birthday Sweet Fenna

Rosa's baby sister had her birthday today. I gave her a sweet doll that she can carry around on the farm, in a bag. I helped her unpack the other presents.
I was in a good mood, but also a bit confused. Because went all went to the dentist this morning, my things were not as usual.
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