zaterdag, mei 29, 2004


Saturday, may 29 2004

Petra did my hair before we went to Susan. Today is such a sunny day. I played with the garden hose. I drove my tractor. I jumped the trampolene. Dad took me swimming. Next week my swimming lessons will start with Ina. I am not afraid of water anymore.  Posted by Hello

vrijdag, mei 28, 2004


Friday, may 28 2004

When I woke up I was so thirsty I grabbed a glass on the table and drank whatever was in there. Never realized it was cow's milk. Tasted pretty nice I must say, years ago I drank cups & cups & cups...and always fell asleep straight after. Then my mom decided to take away all that milk. I feel better because of that.
Mommy made me swallow the contents of a capsule (enzymes). I hope my poop stays nice and my tummy won't hurt.
Petra (my teacher friend for today) has fixed my hair like a pro. We are leaving for Susan, my neurofeedback friend. I always feel so fresh in my head when I have been to Susan. Like a cold and clear waterfall running through my brain.

donderdag, mei 27, 2004


Make your own nutritious Nut Milk

Mommy makes this for me every day. This is how she does it:
This is what you need for nut milk: blender, fine mesh sieve, 1 cup of (raw)hazelnuts, a pinch of salt, 1 litre (4 1/2 cups) of cold water and 1 tablespoon of clear honey. Whizz in the blender at highest possible speed for exactly 10 minutes. Pour through a fine mesh sieve into your Tupperware bottle. Keep the residue for later purposes, like the fine MidasGold pancakes... Posted by Hello


may 27, 2004

This morning mommy woke me up. Scott and Finn were already eating bread. Mommy helped me with my Lois Lang bread. Together we topped it with a spoonful of nut yoghurt. When she asked me what I 'd like on my second slice of bread, I said "yoghurt with honey, mommy". I got a glass and poured nut milk in it and drank all of it. Then put on my clothes. We got our bikes to bring Scott and Finn to school.

Scott is a real pro. He sometimes jumps over me when I roll on the trampolene. This makes me laugh till my tummy hurts. Posted by Hello

We threw heaps of tall grass on the trampolene. The grass will hop when I jump. When I am on the trampolene, I can look over the hedge and maybe spot a tractor in the fields. Posted by Hello

woensdag, mei 26, 2004




1 1/3 cup whole, RAW blanched almonds or RAW blanched hazelnuts (filberts) or RAW macadamias
2 table spoons clear honey
yoghurt starter (3-strain by CustomProbiotics)

Step-by-step instructions for making nut yoghurt:

1. Put all things you need on a tea towel on the kitchen table: blender, a fine sieve, some tea towels, the nuts, honey, two spoons, whisk, water, yoghurt maker + yoghurt container. Get the probiotics out of the freezer only when you need them.

2. Put nuts into blender
3. Add enough cold water to get a total of 4 to 5 cups / =1 litre
4. Add 2 tablespoons of honey
5. Blend for 10 minutes (use a stopwatch)
6. Pour about 1 cup of the nut milk through the fine sieve

NOW take your probiotics out

7. Add 1 baby scoop of probiotics to the milk, according to the label on the bottle
8. Stir well with whisk, add the rest of the milk, with back of spoon press out all liquids
9. Stir well and place container in yoghurt maker
10. Ferment for 8 hours.
11. Place in the fridge overnight or at least for 5 hours (overnight is better)
12. Get a bowl, put the sieve on the bowl, put a cheesecloth in the sieve
13. Pour the yoghurt in the cheesecloth so that it can drip
14. Drip for about an hour, or longer if you’d like the yoghurt thicker
15. By pressing the dripped yoghurt further, you can make something that resembles cheese

The residue is very fine, moist flour. I always put it in a ziplok, flatten it and freeze it. I use it later on for pancakes, cookies, icecream, etc. You can squeeze out more liquid if you use a teacloth and twist it firmly.

The fermentation process takes place at about 105 Fahrenheit.
· As you see, I do NOT cook or heat the milk. After blending, the milk should be lukewarm, not warmer than 105F. If you heat more, the milk will separate and the fermentation will not take place.
· Try to find RAW nuts that have been through minimal processing. Deep frying them may be very tasty, but it will negatively affect the outcome and it is also a bit unhealthy.
· The sieve is such, that if you pour orange juice through it, there’s no pulp in your glass.

This nut yoghurt is a nice and safe alternative when you cannot tolerate goat’s or cow’s yoghurt (yet). Go for it!

Today I had macadamia pancakes for breakfast. My aunt Hester made them for me in the french waffle iron. My mom topped them with homemade nut yoghurt. I ate 7!
I am really getting into trampolene jumping. Last year, my brother Finn (now 4) got one for his birthday. I never wanted to try, but now I can jump too. Posted by Hello

This is where I make my own apple juice. I make my own, because the juice from the store upsets my stomach. Posted by Hello

this is cream cheese, mom made it from nut yoghurt Posted by Hello

dinsdag, mei 25, 2004


first time posting

This is Nick's dairy. Nick is 7 years old, has autism spectrum disorder and only eats very specific food. In order to lessen his gastro-intestinal symptoms, we have found the Specific Carbohydrates Diet as written down by Elaine Gottschall from Canada in the book Breaking The Vicious Cycle.

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