donderdag, oktober 13, 2005


My Balloon

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Hot Air Balloon Art. A project that took several weeks to finish, but I'm very proud of it. We glued strips of newspaper around an inflated balloon (dirty job!). Then we hung it to dry. Last week I painted it.  Posted by Picasa


School Business

After numerous negotiations, it's now official: we're going ahead with our project. It means: to make it possible for children with disabilities to stay in the village and go to school in their own environment.
The School management (they manage 8 schools) is on our side.
The next months we are going to find financial and human resourses to translate the project into reality.

woensdag, oktober 12, 2005

I was at the Zoo in Germany with my friend Karin. As you can see, we had fun! Posted by Picasa

Tommy's rat. She did not eat it.  Posted by Picasa

Tommy caught......a rat. Posted by Picasa

The big shovel that Jan-Willem used to flatten the maize. Posted by Picasa

woensdag, oktober 05, 2005

Watching all the machinery in the fields.  Posted by Picasa

The Dumping of the maize. Jan-Willem has heaps and heaps of maize for his cows. Whenever they are inside the stable, they get this.  Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, oktober 04, 2005

This is where the maize gets dumped. To decrease the volume, they drive on top of the maize and flatten it.  Posted by Picasa

Oh man, today I went to Jan-Willem & Hanneke. It was the maize-day. What they do is charter a specialized crew that does nothing else than cut maize all day. I could sit behind the steering wheel! Amazing! Posted by Picasa

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