dinsdag, juni 27, 2006


Telling My Brothers About The Zoo!

My friend Karin and me went to the zoo in Emmen. It's been 5 years now that I have worked with her. More than half my life!
At the dinner table I told them about my fun time with her. Posted by Picasa


Fem Is Back

The best SCD-cook on the planet. She was in Africa for so many weeks. And now she is back. She will make Boterkoek, bread, cookies, candy.
And her Boterkoek tastes so good, looks so good! Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, juni 20, 2006


The Heat

Taking a cool bath in the sprinkler. It was so hot these last days. Running through the water kept me cool... Posted by Picasa

maandag, juni 05, 2006


Yummy Dinner

See how I roll my carrot-tagliatellis like an Italian pro! Posted by Picasa

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