donderdag, december 22, 2005


Christmas Play In the Church

My brothers Finn and Scott sang songs and played their parts in the school Christmas play. I watched and played. Finn sang a beautiful song about freedom. Scott played his part as a child soldier, who wanted his freedom back.
We went home early. I wanted to jump, sing, dance, hug, run, I did that at home.

dinsdag, december 20, 2005


Swimming Again!

Every week, my teacher Karin takes me to the swimming pool. First we take our swimming boards and do our swimming exercises in the big pool. Then we go playing! There's a hot bubbling jacuzzi. A wild river. A Turkish steam bath. A waterfall. And even in winter, you can swim outside.


Working With Scott

I watched as Scott had a rough time putting together the wooden tractor puzzle I got from Geke. Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, december 02, 2005



My teacher Geke visited. She brought this tractor puzzle. Very nice! Posted by Picasa

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