woensdag, december 13, 2006


Incredibles Book

I love Posted by Picasa

maandag, december 11, 2006


...I Love You Tooo, Nick....

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Tommy, Tommy....

I love you.

vrijdag, december 08, 2006


My Special Farm

Click on the above link and you'll be taken to Jos & Karin's Special Farm!
And I hear they will soon have their own website.

woensdag, december 06, 2006


My Favourite Bald Head

....ready to go into the Big Bald Head Book! Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, december 05, 2006


Cutting Bald Heads

I have a new project. I like bald heads. In magazines, I cut out all bald heads. I glue them into my bald head book. I cut maybe two or three heads, and then I have to get my book. With glue, I put them on the pages. Posted by Picasa

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