donderdag, april 28, 2005


On The Bike

We went very far on my new bike! The nice thing is that I do not have to push the pedals. But when I do, we go even faster! Because I am so close, we can talk all the time. And because I don't have to look at the handlebars, I can look over my shoulder and not fall off the bike!
Mom says that the whole thing feels like sitting on our tandem.

maandag, april 25, 2005


New Bike!

Mom bought another kind of bike for me. She attaches it behind her own. It only has one wheel. I CAN bike along, but there's no need. Tomorrow morning we will try. Finn will ride his own bike to school (for the second time ever) and I will ride along!To attach to the seatpost of mom's bike...and ....whoooooshhhh! Posted by Hello

zondag, april 24, 2005


Finn Was Looking Great At The Wedding....

....but I won't post pictures. His fine clothes must remain a secret to the next bride & bridegroom. Because in july, we'll have another wedding. My aunt Hester and her Bastiaan will get married.
Finn was asked to be a sort of special male assistant to the bridesgroom. He looked like a very fine gentleman. His clothes were comfortable, yet ultra stylish. He played his role like he had never done anything else.


At The Wedding

Look closely and you'll see the couple in the background. We had a beautiful day, full of sunshine. We were there all day long (+ at the town hall, the restaurant, the church, the party).


Horseman Talking to Nick

At friday's wedding, the bridesgroom Jan-Willem picked up his bride Hanneke by carriage & four horses. The horseman asked me to climb up on his bench! I looked at the four black horses.

woensdag, april 20, 2005

Whhhhhooooo-----exciting machinery at the tractor store...! Posted by Hello

dinsdag, april 19, 2005


Wedding Preparations

Mom just about finished Finn's special clothing for Hanneke's wedding. He will look like a fine gentleman on the big day.
Today I went to the tractor shop with mom & my teacher. We had a look at all the fine machinery: tractors, brand new combines, wagons, and all other equipment. The lady from the shop gave us a couple of folders to take home....I was o-ver-joyed!

maandag, april 18, 2005

A Very Serious Finnie Blowing Out 5 Candles Posted by Hello

The Knight's Castle Posted by Hello

Finnie's Birthday!! Posted by Hello


Finn 5 Years!

My little brother Finn is now 5 years. Such nice presents! A giant knight's castle, many knights and even a dragon with fire coming out of its mouth! Some books, a nice calendar with baby animals, and lovely cake to eat: strawberry and rhubarb. We had a lovely day.

donderdag, april 14, 2005


Big Wedding Coming Up Next Week

Mom's best friend Hanneke is getting married to her Jan Willem, the farmer. Finn will be accompanying the couple throughout the day. He will wear nice clothes and will look like a gentleman! Mom is busy sewing these clothes. (So she has no time to add posts to the blog...). There are still some arrangements to be made, some small things.
On the big day, one of my teachers will come along. In the evening, aunt Hester will be there. The date is april 22nd.

donderdag, april 07, 2005


School Business

Today's meeting was a tough one. Four new people, two of them very sceptical. Going into all kinds of details while we tried to keep things general etc. Seeing all kinds of impossibilities, while we have taught ourselves to think positively. BUT, in the end, we did talk for more than an hour. We did plant some kind of seed and we have created curiousity. Next meeting is in about 6 weeks, due to school festivities and the short may-vacation.

zondag, april 03, 2005


Bronzee by the spring sun

Haircut too!


Me & the teacher's dog after playing soccer

We went to my teacher's house to have a look at the newborn lambs. She didn't tell me about the nice dog! We played and I was not at all afraid of him.

vrijdag, april 01, 2005


LoisLang's Luscious Bread

My aunt Hester was here to make new goodies for me. She made peanutbutter caramels, 'easter' candies, honey nougat, bread, omeletties. She's busy all day. She was very proud of the bread.


Our own eggs, gift from our chickens

The chickens are really in the mood, they give us 7 or 8 eggs a day! The eggs are so different. They are small, and they taste much beter.


Happy! & School Business

This whole week I've been feeling very happy. Is it because I can play outside more now that the sun has come out? Or because I make such pretty things with my teachers? I'm talking all the time, I see so many things!

Yesterday was my last swimming lesson. We want to stop for a while. Maybe next year we want to try again. In the water I see so many things (there is nothing, just the light & the water), I have to think so hard what to do next. I like playing in the water much more than before, though. And on thursdays I can stay more hours at the Special Farm!

(Very busy with school. Meeting, talking, thinking... step by step things are shaping, minds are changing... Next week is important. On wednesday the presentation of the big plan to the school brainstorming team, they know nothing now. We've put together a document in such a fashion that when you read it, you can only agree that it is the right thing to do for our village. My input will be telling the team that Nick has no friends. Explaining why being invited to a birthday party is crucial. )

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