dinsdag, oktober 24, 2006


Corn Labyrinth Big Fun

A little while ago, when we picked up our new chickens, we had a wonderful time in a corn labyrinth. Throughout the labyrinth, there were all kinds of surprises, like this one here. But I also saw witches, spiders, skeletons. Then again, I showed mom how well I can drive a skelter. Posted by Picasa

donderdag, oktober 19, 2006



They came. They did their job. I watched. Enjoyed. Greatly. Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, oktober 17, 2006


Marjo's SwimFest!

My friend Marjo had her 50th birthday. She invited us to celebrate this day at the swimmingpool. We all went. There was lots of good food. I knew exactly what I could and could not eat. When I was still hungry, I went to the cook to ask for more fish.
We had a great afternoon. Posted by Picasa

maandag, oktober 16, 2006

Friday we had a major scare....we were all at the dinner table when suddenly at the back door, there was this stranger! She could not speak and she did not say what she wanted. She then ran away. Mom was scared, she shut the curtains and locked the door. Dad sprinted after the woman. Seconds later, she was at the front door.
Where she took her hat off.
And she took her teeth out.
And then we saw it was... Petra! Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, oktober 10, 2006


The New Guy

This is our new rooster, a Noord-Hollandsche Blauwe. He's friendly and still very young. He's going to grow into a huge rooster. He has four chickens. I will not go near the chickens. I am very afraid of our Friesian. He will attack me. Posted by Picasa

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