woensdag, augustus 31, 2005


Nick On The Trek Mountain Trainer

Nick On The Trek Mountain Trainer
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Again we had a warm and sunny day. The only thing to do is swimming, really. We went to the 'Lageveld'. Karin knew where to go so I just biked along.

dinsdag, augustus 30, 2005


"You takin' my picture, brother?"

I had lots of fun with Scott. Finn stays with grandma this week. I keep asking where he is. I know that he is in Amsterdam.
Later today the tractor came and turned the hay on the field next to our house.


Garden Party In Wheelbarrow

The weather is so much better now. scott made this 2-person pool in the garden. When mom said "why don't you go into the pool with your big brother" I hesitated no more! Scott fetched some toys, a boat etc, and added some warm water.

woensdag, augustus 24, 2005


German Goat Being Patient and Gentle

Last week I went to the Nordhorn Zoo with my teacher. I kissed this beautiful goat. Also I was impressed by the sea otters and the bisons. When it was feeding time at the bison stables, I could go in and watch! They had corn.

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