maandag, mei 30, 2005

Picking up the grass. Posted by Hello


The Heat was on!

Last Friday, we went to see my friend and farmer Jan-Willem at work. We went on the bike. It is more than 7 km through the moor, on the bikepath. Jan_willem was ready to pick up all the sun dried grass. He will pile it all up. Th tractor will ride across and on top of it. The cows will have sweet dried grass in the autumn and winter.
We stayed for many hours. When we returned, we were really hungry. We managed to do a bit of work. My room was very cool.

donderdag, mei 26, 2005

Enjoying the giant swing in the playground. I played with some girls. Also I saw a mother with a baby and their dog. I liked the dog. We had lunch there. Afterwards, mom took me to Susan to do some neurofeedback. I felt 'heavy in my head' after the session. Posted by Hello

dinsdag, mei 24, 2005

In this shed people can sit and watch the birds. Bird watchers see many special birds in our moor! Posted by Hello

We went to the moors. We saw lots and lots of frogs. Of course we took the bike.  Posted by Hello

donderdag, mei 12, 2005



Avondvierdaagse means walking for four evenings in a row for about 5 kilometers. This evening is the last 'stage'. 5 Kilometers is about one hour. We go through the village. Finn and Scott also participate.
Mom will try to make pictures this evening.

woensdag, mei 11, 2005


Quiet Day

My teacher was sick today. She called that she could not make it. She is pregnant and has a really big tummy! (He keeps saying to her: "you are fat, you have a big belly!)
Mom and I decided it was time for some small jobs. We took the car and took all the waste paper we could find. We dumped it where we should dump it. Then we went to the store to buy chicken food. And then it was time for coffee for mom & dad and nut milk (plus candies!) for me.

dinsdag, mei 10, 2005


Koos showing his necklace

I like making necklaces lately. I use big beads and I can also handle tiny ones. I can concentrate very well when doing this work.

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