donderdag, april 26, 2007


Great fun at school!

So, today was the big day. We have been rehearsing for weeks....

Our fashion show!

Can you see what Karin and I have been making?
I have my tools, my saw, my pliers, my working clothes...
I am Bob The Builder!

There was a real runway.
During our show, all the children and parents cheered and applauded.
After the show, we all sang and clapped our hands.
It was a huge success.

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maandag, april 23, 2007



She's the sweetest cat. I love her. She loves me.
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maandag, april 16, 2007


My Brother Finn is 7 Today!

.... and this is the lovely cake dad made. All gone now. We had a party yesterday. Today all his friends from school will come to celebrate. The weather is very hot. Finn is a lucky boy.
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dinsdag, april 10, 2007

All tractors have come out from their hiding places. Our neighbour is injecting manure, plowing, sowing. The farmers have a very busy time now.
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dinsdag, april 03, 2007


Easter Eggs Please?

Hello Friesian!
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