maandag, juli 24, 2006


Leaving For Surprise Holiday....

We'll be back in a week! Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, juli 21, 2006


Geke Was Here With Bas

....when I saw her again, it was such a nice surprise! I told her that I was happy that she came, and I was happy to see her.
She said that I had grown. Her son Bas was on my tractor. When Bas got a bit tired, I suggested we blow up a balloon for him. That was a good idea, because he kept playing with the balloon.
They stayed for dinner. Posted by Picasa


Grass Is All Gone Now

While I was on the Special Farm, our neighbour came and packed up all his hay. He came with two tractors. I wish I had seen it. I have been asking when he would come to get the hay. Posted by Picasa

zondag, juli 16, 2006



"The tractor is coming! The grass will be cut. Then it needs to dry. Then, after sunday, the farmer will shuffle and turn the grass. Later he will make bales."

The grass has not grown much, there is so little rain. Posted by Picasa

donderdag, juli 13, 2006


Fresh From The garden

I helped mom with the peas. I had to get them out, put the pea in the dish and put the shell in the other dish. I ate them later that evening. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa


My Patience was rewarded

The balloon was so the other side of our village, just a few streets away. It took off, there was no wind. So the balloon stayed up in the air where I could watch it! Posted by Picasa

woensdag, juli 05, 2006


Being The Giant Turtle

In the Emmen zoo I pretended I was this turtle. Fits me just fine. Posted by Picasa


My Very Special Weekend

I was with my friend Petra in the weekend. We were lazy on saturday. But I did make a huuuuge painting. On sunday, we went to Schiphol to see planes. Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, juli 04, 2006


Karin and I Know Each Other 5 Years Today

....and we went to the zoo to celebrate! It was 5 years ago that we met. She taught me so much, she's so kind. I love her. Posted by Picasa

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