woensdag, juli 20, 2005

Tired. Tired. Tired. Tired. So Tired.
At the Dolfinarium, we had lunch.
Look at the huge mountain I climbed! Champion!


...Thinking About Last Weekend

...when I had such a good time with Petra. Simply because I was all the time all alone with her! We did not do too many things, took lots of time for everything. We went to the Dolfinarium to watch dolphins and walruses. When I got home last sunday, mom and dad were amazed at how calm and easygoing I was.

maandag, juli 18, 2005


Pictures Of My Special Weekend With Petra

...I'm still looking at them on my own computer. Mom will post some tomorrow.


Men at Work

Busy collecting all the hay.

vrijdag, juli 15, 2005


The Wedding

Yesterday aunt Hester got married to her Bastiaan! We had a fine summer day, right in the very heart of Amsterdam. Everyone looked so happy, colourful and I only saw smiles. I was so happy to see all these people that I love so much, I had kisses for all of them. My good, dear friend Petra was there all day. She took me to the big Vondelpark, we went to the playground, we had so much fun... I will stay with her until Sunday.

woensdag, juli 06, 2005


Work In Progress

Wedding art. Aunt Hester will get married to her Bastiaan next week! This is a bit of preparation. Maybe I'll do some more work on this piece of art. Posted by Picasa

The goodbye present I got from my teacher Geke. She's very pregnant right now, the baby is not far away... Posted by Picasa

maandag, juli 04, 2005


Tiny Friesian Chickens

Oh so precious couple. Since most of our Friesians have been eaten by some kind of animal, these two are so welcome!

This was so exciting! Here you see the balloon falling down. It was pulled down to the right side. Otherwise it would have fallen on our street! Posted by Picasa

A giant balloon came flying over our house. I was a bit scared at first. Mom took me to have a close look. They let me help fold the balloon! Posted by Picasa

zondag, juli 03, 2005


Special Party At The Special farm

Special Farmer Jos, having a really good time at his party. Posted by Picasa

Snacking along with 'de Gemeenteman' and Special Farmer Karin. Posted by Picasa

balou, the new dog. Today he was all smiles, very happy. Such a friendly dog. Posted by Picasa

At the party! This is baby Rosa's granddad. Big friend of mine. Posted by Picasa

Special Farmer Jos' Renault tractor.  Posted by Picasa

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