vrijdag, november 25, 2005

Finn helping me attach the trailer.  Posted by Picasa

Nine years today...yippie! Posted by Picasa



Still dark...just got out of bed...but I've discovered my BIRTHDAY present! A real tractor! Posted by Picasa

maandag, november 21, 2005


School Business

Last Friday we had a meeting with the school management again. We presented the outlines of the plan and we sketched the financial picture. All was accepted. They literally said "if this plan works out, it will be a wonderful thing for all the children of Westerhaar".
Today, we'll send a letter to the parent group at school, telling them what we want them to know.

And although much work already has been done, the project 'Samen Leven, Samen Leren' (Living Together, Learning Together) will officially start on january 1, 2006.

This wednesday, a reporter from the local newspaper will visit us. She's been here before.

woensdag, november 16, 2005


School Business

This coming Friday, we have another important meeting. One more person to convince.

dinsdag, november 15, 2005

The most exciting time of the year: Sinterklaas. Every day I watch the Sinterklaas news.
The gloves that come with this suit are white of course.  Posted by Picasa

woensdag, november 09, 2005


Surprise Day

After I greeted my teacher this morning, I very much wanted to go outside with her. Walking through the field, in the mud. I put my boots on and off we went. When we got to the next farm down the road, suddenly the big combine arrived!
Later this evening, the combine had returned. Together with Finn I went outside to have another look.

donderdag, november 03, 2005


Happy Birthday Scott!

Happy Birthday Scott!
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Scott is now 11 years. We carved pumpkins. I scooped out the seeds and flesh, together with Paulien, my new teacher. I had so much fun, together with Scott's friends.


School Business

Mom is busy building a special website (style example on the left). The name will be "Samen Leven, Samen Leren". (Living together, learning together).

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