zondag, februari 27, 2005


School Business

...going well!! Last week we had our second brainstorming session. Another person was involved. The talk went as was to be expected: the new person came up with all kinds of to-be-expected problems. We talked these through. Our task for the next meeting is describing the most obvious problems and suggesting the best solutions for them.

woensdag, februari 23, 2005


Piece of Work

Sorting the colours and putting them where they belong. My teacher gave me the most wonderful pictures to work with. Job done
Just click on the picture to see more.

dinsdag, februari 22, 2005

The beautiful and useful IKEA clock that I bought together with my teacher. It is huge! later in the afternoon, at half past three, I asked her "when are you going home?" She could show me that the big hand should be straight up. Just before 4 o'clock we all looked at the clock. At exactly 4 she left. Great tool. Posted by Hello


Buying a Clock

I keep asking "When"-questions. When will we have dinner, when is the milk truck coming, when will you go home? So it is time to buy a real clock! This morning, my teacher and me will buy one.

maandag, februari 21, 2005


Watching the balloon slideshow

I keep asking for the slideshow. I know I get to see it after my teacher has gone. Soon I will have my own computer in my room. Then I can watch more often.Watching the Flickr slideshow 'balloon' and having fun!
You can see more pictures by clicking on the above picture.


Fresh Snow plus Cat Footies

Last weekend, we had some snow. Of course again not enough. I went to the Special Goat farm and on sunday, mom took me to farmer Jos and farmer Karin. I had fun with my co-worker Tom. We worked very hard. In the evening we went to grandpa's birthday, where we had even more fun. So many people! I love the chair that can turn...and turn...and turn...Cat footies in fresh snow

donderdag, februari 17, 2005

The friendly and cheerful Drentsch rooster will always sit on Scott's head, as soon as he sees food.The sharp nails dig right into his skull... Posted by Hello


Farm Day All Day

Because this week there are no swimming lessons, I can stay at the Special Farm all day! Grandma will pick me up late in the afternoon. I am very happy about this. I do hope that the milk truck will show up at the farm. I have been asking about the milk truck all week: "when is the milk truck coming?" Posted by Hello

dinsdag, februari 15, 2005



My two brothers have a week off from school. So they are at home. This morning I am playing with Finn, with the traintracks. Now he is changing into his Knight's Gear and chases after me.....!

donderdag, februari 10, 2005


The road where we live is long and straight.

Luckily the city council built a ramp. Just around the corner is a swimming pool. I summer things could get really dangerous with motorbikes racing past.


A couple of our eggs. Finn painted the box.

We use so many eggs a week (plusminus 20), that Finn decided that our own eggs should be in a special box. So we know where to look for them and where to put them. And so that we do not make soufflees from our garden eggs.

The sandpit. Posted by Hello

Curious horses. Posted by Hello

maandag, februari 07, 2005


Carnival at the Special farm

Yesterday, on Sunday, mom took me to the Special farm. When we got there, baby Rosa was so quiet, just enjoying the small noises around her. I was very careful around the tiny baby. Later all of us (except baby Rosa of course) went to the carnival in Heeten!!! That was a huge surprise. Lots of loud music. The big wagons were all pulled by giant tractors. I got to sit on farmer Jos' shoulders. I could see it all beautifully from up there. But later I was too heavy for him.

Sweeeeeet Sokje. Posted by Hello

vrijdag, februari 04, 2005

Chicken Art Posted by Hello

Outside..... Posted by Hello

donderdag, februari 03, 2005

Vlokje a bit better. He has a small, yet nasty raw patch just above his eye though. We think it is because his vision in that eye is less. It may irritate him. Posted by Hello

dinsdag, februari 01, 2005

blogpic Posted by Picasa

On the tractor. Magic branch in my hand. Trying to make the roosters go away. They did not listen to my magic words. Posted by Hello

All of us feeding the chickens. See how Finn looks behind mom. A moment later the Friesian rooster would attack her. Posted by Hello

Scott put on his hat. He did not want any chicken poop on his hair today. Posted by Hello

Trying to find more information about the Friesian Rooster. He is chasing and attacking us again. Posted by Hello

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