donderdag, februari 23, 2006


Finally I Feel Good

I look and feel better. I was outside all day and the sun kissed my cheeks. I wore my new warm boots. I told grandma all about the carnival party I went to.
Me and farmer Jos went out to get food for the cows.
I had a lot of fun today on the farm.
Farmer Karin is expecting her baby any day now!

woensdag, februari 22, 2006

OK, thanks...but hmmmmm what is this for Posted by Picasa

Carnaval! We went to Overdinkel by bus, where we were all invited to partyparty....lots of balloons, music, dance. I had a great time and I went home very very late.  Posted by Picasa

maandag, februari 20, 2006


Birthday Presents

This is what we made for grandpa. It's his birthday! I had to look for green beads, the white ones, some reds. Then i could stick them on the tray. When all was filled up, mom ironed it. Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, februari 17, 2006

See my tooth finally breaking through? Posted by Picasa

donderdag, februari 16, 2006

My nose! Posted by Picasa

woensdag, februari 15, 2006

My nose is all yellowish today. I had fun with Karin. We went out because her car was out of fuel. When it was time to pay, she told me I could pick out a tractor as a present. Isn't that the nicest thing? Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, februari 14, 2006


Nose Job Not Needed

My nose looks funny today. It's green on the outside. It does not hurt at all.
(It's the top, the nose bridge. We did not see how he hurt his nose. He
was really upset for quite some time after it happened. We still have to see if
he has learned now not to 'play' with Vlok)

maandag, februari 13, 2006

See my nose?
I fought with our cat Vlok.
I wanted to play, she panicked.
And then I panicked.
I must have landed on my nose.
I can't remember well.
I'll get better.
I does not hurt. Posted by Picasa

woensdag, februari 08, 2006


Helping Bob

We worked a bit on the Bob The Builder Program on the computer. Bob has a massive list of things he has to do. I help him.

Originally uploaded by pleaseknock.

I do feel better.

dinsdag, februari 07, 2006


Karin Came With The Volkswagen!

....And that always makes me feel so good. I kissed her and told her I was so happy!
Last night I slept well. hardly sick anymore. So we read some books. These glitzy fat elephants we hung above my bed.
Karin asked if I wanted to go swimming. I had my doubts, but after we had the coffee break, I wanted to go. We just played in the pool. Afterwards I was really tired. Posted by Picasa

maandag, februari 06, 2006


...A Bit Sick...

Since last thursday I've not been well. A bit of the flu that's been going round. Today I've been watching the gardeners from my room. They're shredding branches. Read some magazines. Listened to how blocks can fall if you drop them. A puzzle.
But I did go to the library also! They gave me a book about hot air balloons that I can keep.

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