donderdag, november 30, 2006


Paulien and I On Our Way To The Zeppelin

Near Vroomshoop we saw a zeppelin. I wanted to go and see. On my new skelter I can go fast! Later that afternoon we also went to the library by skelter.
Because all the special farms where I go to have the exact same skelter, I am an expert driver. Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, november 24, 2006


Today I Celebrate My 10th Birthday!!!

And what a big surprise this morning....a skelter!! Scott was circling around the skelter, he was so happy for I thanked him especially for this present! Then a bit later, all my girlfriends showed up. They brought even more surprises. We had pumpkin pie. When they were all talking and talking, I said: "hey, heeeey FAMILY, be a quiet a bit!"
Grandma & grandpa gave me huge tractor calendar.
What a beautiful day..... Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, november 07, 2006


Eating Pizza

At Scott's pizza party, Maaike helped me with my pizza. I never eat pizza. It gives me stomach troubles and diarrea. But it was such a special moment...

(now, on tuesday, Nick does have diarrea)
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Fun With The Girls

Last Saturday, Scott celebrated his 12th birthday. He had organized a pizza party. He had invited the whole class, all 16! I had such fun with my girlfriends. I could pull ponytails! My biggest friend Maaike helped me with my pizza. Posted by Picasa

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