donderdag, juni 30, 2005


Just helping the little one along a bit

Again some new chickens...this time real Friesians!

dinsdag, juni 28, 2005

"I told you I told you, the hot air balloon is on its way Karin!" Posted by Hello
He simply KNEW.

Look left, look right...where's my field!??! Posted by Hello

Chillin' on Karin and Robert's terrace...just the usual comparing of bellies. Posted by Hello
Last Friday I stayed over at Karin and Robert's place. The next morning, Karin took me to Special Farmer Jos.

woensdag, juni 22, 2005

At coffeetime, I tried the new Dutch cake that aunt Hester made. It's called boterkoek. The only ingredients are nut flour, butter, honey and a bit of lemon. It's lovely! Posted by Hello

dinsdag, juni 21, 2005

In the stable! This cow was very fat...heavy, big tummy.  Posted by Hello

On the bike, we went past the small bike tunnel. I could look at trucks! This one will bring food for the farm animals. We were on our way to farmer Jan Willem  Posted by Hello

vrijdag, juni 17, 2005


Nick in the Field

With my brother, together with his friend, in the field. Nothing I love more.

This is the way mom slices the carrots for me. She steams them for about 2 minutes. Very sweet. Posted by Hello


Farm Days

Yesterday another good day on the Special Farm. When I got there, I saw the new dog. He's black, not too small (not too big) and his name is Balou. We became friends instantly.
At dinner, that evening, we had company. One of Scott's friends stayed to eat Dutch pancakes. We ate outside, in the sunshine. I also had pancakes. Mine were with nut yoghurt and honey.

woensdag, juni 15, 2005

Scott holding the garden frog. Fast little creature. Posted by Hello

maandag, juni 13, 2005

Our lovely Minorca chicken produced an egg and I am eating it here. Very tasty! Posted by Hello

zondag, juni 12, 2005

Yeeeeehaaaaaa! Posted by Hello

Ooooh, I can turn the steering wheel! Posted by Hello

At the town festival, I enjoyed the car carousel. I looked behind me all the time, because the next car came so close, it almost hit our car!  Posted by Hello

donderdag, juni 09, 2005

Finn modeling mom's wrap. She's put many hours into this one. It's for a very special occasion. Posted by Hello

woensdag, juni 08, 2005


School Business

We have had several meetings. The school has two buildings and two teacher-teams. Both these teams know what we'd like. (before, only the brainstorm group knew) Both reacted in the same way initially: "all very nice, but come back when you have a solid ready-made plan." What we'd like though, is building the plan from scratch, together with the teachers. This makes sure the plan will fit.
Already we see something taking shape: in the next school year we see a seperate classroom, next to the school building. We hire special teachers and special class-assistants. The only thing that will happen in - say - the first year, is that these special teachers will share the canteen, drink coffee together with the regular staff, etc. The special children will mingle with the rest of the kids during playtimes and lunches. After some time, plans can be made for each of the special kids to do some integration when and where possible.

In the back, you can see our favourite, the Minorca. She produces large, white eggs, usually heavier than 62 grams each. I was trying to find the pages on the Friesians. Posted by Hello

Our yellow chick. She or he is the smallest of them all, and the only one that is yellowish. Different father.  Posted by Hello

We had gorgeous sunshine. All living creatures enjoyed it fully. This is right next to the small space we made for the new chicks. Koos the cat was looking at the small animals. I decided Koos deserved a long hug. He liked it. Posted by Hello

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