maandag, april 24, 2006


Agra Power

The newest issue of AgraPower has arrived. I need to study and study... Posted by Picasa

woensdag, april 19, 2006


Finn's Boy Party

Finn invited 6 friends. We went to the forest. We went for a walk. We did
some shopping there.

(we did a football game)
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The Big Easter Egg Search

Last weekend my brother Finn had his birthday. I was nervous too....I could hardly sleep, I wanted to give him my present!
We had to look for Easter Eggs. I searched with Carel and grandma. There were eight eggs. I was really good at finding their hiding places. Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, april 11, 2006


Conversation In The Jacuzzi

I had a conversation with a woman today. In the jacuzzi, in the swimming pool. I asked her what car she was driving.

Was it a Volvo?
An Opel?
"No, I came with a Volkswagen, a white one".

Later, at the end of the day, my friend Karin asked me if I remembered what car the lady had been driving.

Like, I can forget such an important thing!

IT-IS-THAT-TIME-OF-THE-YEAR....they all come out. The farmers are so busy. Everywhere I look I see them working.  Posted by Picasa

zondag, april 09, 2006


Friends With Vlok

Vlok was in her cat villa. I was on the floor watching her. She extended her paw. I stroked her footie. She showed me her fine nails. She liked what I did. Posted by Picasa

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