donderdag, september 30, 2004


First Real Swimming Lesson

Henk, my swim instructor, was very pleased. He gave me a cool belt for around my belly and two belts for around my arms, so that I don't sink. Also a plastic board. Like him, I stretched my arms to float with the big deal. The water was warm.
(note from mom: the instructor told me this was all above his expectations, he did not expect to teach anything this first time, but he did)


Lonely But Deliciously Handsome

There is one newer apple tree in our garden and it has only this single apple. It looks proud and ready-to-eat.

woensdag, september 29, 2004


Autumn Art

The painting on the left will tell you that I have learned to concentrate hard. See how I stayed within the lines? The autumn leaves we found in 'De Beerze Bulten'. Oh, and the other books are full of pictures and paintings also.

dinsdag, september 28, 2004

...and this is my collection of pictograms. For many activities we have one. We make a short schedule in the morning, an agenda, so that I can look forward to whatever's next. On the left there's my key-cord with the picto to remind me that we're going shopping. Mom has to make one that says we're going home, cause I forget sometimes.

Here a glance at our log book. All my teachers write what we have been exercising and what kind of fun we had. On the left is a tracking sheet, so that each one can see what subject we have discussed. In the middle there's the written words for today (like we have been buying eggs at the farmer). On the right you see the report of a meeting all teachers, mom & dad & the consultant had some weeks ago.

Scott built this magnificent Lego castle during the weekend. Finn also helped.


Combine Arrived Early To Harvest

Just when I got out of bed, I heard already the hum of several machines. A couple of tractors and the combine. They have started harvesting the corn. Two hours later, all corn is gone.

zondag, september 26, 2004


Special Farm

Mom arranged with Farmer Jos & Karin that I could come today, on sunday. It was a nice day. There were two other boys to play with. We fed the animals and we took lots of time for everything.

zaterdag, september 25, 2004


A Day Out

Wendy picked me up to go to the Waarbeek. I'd been there before. All went very smooth and I had great fun!

vrijdag, september 24, 2004


Horrible Accident

This afternoon, we discovered that there were three Friesche Chickens missing. We looked everywhere in the garden. Until we spotted some feathers.... Also in the barbed wire, we saw a chicken that was bleeding from its small neck. It seems some ferocious animal has discovered our poultry. Three chickens are dead, of which two have been eaten. One is in our fridge. We will honor it by eating it later next week.

donderdag, september 23, 2004


Swimming Lessons: YES!

So this afternoon mom had a talk with the swim instructor. I will start lessons with him already NEXT WEEK! He and I will be by ourselves and maybe there will be also another child, but that's not sure. Of course I am very excited, because I love swimming.

woensdag, september 22, 2004


Those Miserable Porcini - Again

Remember all these porcini we cut and canned? Well they all failed. Yesterday mom went into the cellar to make some room for marmelade. She had to shove some of these canned porcini aside. That's when she smelled it, although she had a bad cold.... She had to throw away ALL of the glass jars. Also some of my ketchup had gone bad. Well that's the risk. Turns out the canning temperature had been too low.


An Autumn Day

So much rain, so much wind. We did try to make the most of it, Geke & I. I made a huge paper tree with lots of small, coloured leaves falling down. Cutting with scissors is what I like. Lately I've been feeling better and happier. I talk more and sometimes I even crack a (small) joke.

dinsdag, september 21, 2004


Ameland Showing Her Beach

Ameland, I love you

Work to do

Scott & Finn just came crashing down the high dune

Finn heading for the waves, me trying to decide

The new & fast kite


Swimming Lessons Getting Closer?

This coming thursday we'll decide if we're starting the swimming lessons. Ina, a friend of dad's, has done a lot of work to find out what is possible. There will be a new and very small group in the pool in Tubbergen.


Beyond Specific Foods

....lies a complex world. The accurate reader has already seen and sensed that things do not always run as smoothly and calmly as they seem. To keep yourselves updated on what lies beneath this friendly fa├žade, go here...see also permanent link on left side of this page

maandag, september 20, 2004


Weekend On The Island Of Ameland (Dutch link)

So Friday we packed. Scott came home from school and we drove to Holwerd in Friesland to catch the boat. The small house where we stayed was very nice, all wood, inside and out. In the evening I did some partying with Finn in our strange beds, just before I fell asleep. Dad did his off-the-road triathlon, while we had great fun on the beach with Scott's new and fast kite. The sea water was too cold. On sunday, mom went mountainbiking with Scott and I went to the beach with dad and Finn. Just before we got on the boat we also had more fun on the beach. I found out dad could not fly a kite and has to practice this. Scott is a first class pro in flying the kite.

donderdag, september 16, 2004


Work On The Farm

My grandma brought me this morning, together with mom. I was in an excellent mood, very eager to go. I fed the cows with Farmer Jos. We also went into the village on the tractor to get some things. Later, together with farmer Karin, I checked how all the other animals were doing. The goats were nice to me, because I was nice to them. Posted by Hello

I can't wait to go to Ameland. Tomorrow we will have our 3-day-mini-holiday on the island in the rented cottage, together with Dennis. I love the sea and the waves.

woensdag, september 15, 2004


Better And Doing Some Efficient Shopping

So today I really feel a bit better. This morning I watched Babe - The Movie, and this afternoon mom took me shopping. We went to IKEA to get a bit more organized in the office and in my own workspace. Also we bought a sort of stool, so that I can reach for things that are higher. Like getting my own glass of water instead of having to ask for it. Finn also likes the stool a lot. He's very happy that he can get a drink without asking.

dinsdag, september 14, 2004


Mostly From The Garden (here we order our seeds)

On the table for me for dinner
broccoli from the garden
string beans from the garden
stuffed zucchini de Nice (filling: Ragu Bolognese)
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Scott Posted by Hello


Totally Back on The Current Educational Track

...with Karin back. And how I missed her. We did some work at the table. Later when we had lunch together she asked me what I would like to do in the afternoon. I told her I'd like to go to the forest to have a walk. Taking a walk was always fun, but lately I don't like it so much, I found out. When we got back, we also saw her tiny nephew Jochem. I was very careful with such a small baby boy.

maandag, september 13, 2004


What A Mess

Well I was trying to find something late last evening in the waste paper basket. I never found it. I don't remember what I was looking for. But with a little help I made sure all was cleared up this morning, before breakfast. Posted by Hello

zondag, september 12, 2004


Country Fair (Dutch link)

This afternoon we went to a sort of country fair, a harvesting festival. Dad helped someone prepare and sell traditional food. Our kind village butcher gave us the regional meat! Scott built this igloo from straw bales. Very exciting, a quiet place in the dark, very nice to hide in together with Finn. Posted by Hello



Preparing some porcini....again! I did many mushrooms. We put them in glass jars and 'home can' them. They then disappear into the cellar for quite some time. Posted by Hello

vrijdag, september 10, 2004


Work And Play

This morning we did lots of work at the table. It was the last summer day and we also spent hours in the sun. In the afternoon, we went to the 'Stadsboerderij Beeklust', a farm for children. This farm is set up and maintained by handicapped young people. It is sooooo clean and so nice. I had lots and lots of fun with the pigs.

donderdag, september 09, 2004


A Day At The Special Farm

The day at the Special Farm was relaxed. I did a good job in giving the cows their food. Cows amaze me. Farmer Karin asked if I could tell who was the bull, and -HA- of course I knew. She'll teach me to make coffee for all of us at the Farm. We went to the village to buy food for the small animals. I ate all the food I had with me:
2 MidasGold pancakes (one with applesauce and one with nut yoghurt)
3 dried apricots
a handful of macadamias
some leftover LoisLang bread
plus about 3 cups of nut milk
I played with the kittens and the dogs. I am learning that I have to be careful with especially the smaller animals. Posted by Hello


Short Holiday On The Island: mini triathlon

Just like last year, we will spend next weekend (sept. 17, 18 & 19) on Ameland, cause dad will do the Tri-Ambla. Mom found a small house for us to stay in . My big, good friend Dennis and his girlfriend will also stay in the house.  Posted by Hello

woensdag, september 08, 2004


A Place To Stay During Weekends

Some weekends mom, dad and my brothers need time and space to get some fresh air through their busy heads. What we want to set up as soon as possible, or find, is a farm, a family or other place where I can stay for a weekend sometimes (on a regular basis). Mom has asked the folks at the Special Farm already, but they said that in the weekends there is no more room for me. I can come and play on Sundays if I want (I do I do!) and she is now calling around to see if there are other (faster...) possibilities.

dinsdag, september 07, 2004



This morning I helped mom with the porcini. There was so much work, I decided to help her out a bit. I did a wonderful job and we had fun.
Porcini or 'eekhoorntjesbrood'.
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maandag, september 06, 2004



Friday the TwenteRand run, saturday we had visitors, on sunday we still had the same visitors (friends from Amsterdam with their son & daughter) and we went to the lake. Today mom's baking & cooking with aunt Hester. We found many many porcini (a kind of big mushroom, very tasty) and mom has to cook & can these. Much work, but worthwhile. PLUS: the weather is nothing less than gorgeous.
Soon more updates.

donderdag, september 02, 2004

This came flying over our heads while we had dinner outside. A moment later, a second one came over.  Posted by Hello


The TwenteRand Run

Tomorrow I will participate in The TwenteRand Run (Twenterand is the name of the group of villages where I live). Together with Finn, I am going to do the Bambino Run for 1,5 kilometers, slightly less than a mile. Dad is going to help Finn, mom will be my coach. I have never done this before and so I don't know what to expect. I am not the athletic type, but it will be great fun. Lots of people watching. This is my number:
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Scott will do 5km's and he's determined to win it.


Playground Skill

This looks scary...well, it was but not anymore. I can do it: it just takes some courage, some kids to show me how and a cool attitute. There were lots of kids on the playground, there was a birthday party. Posted by Hello

woensdag, september 01, 2004


Hokkaido Squash For The Connaisseurs

After some years of testing, the Hokkaido squash is - for me - the one with the best taste. It will stay firm for months after harvesting. Most squash do not have any taste at all.
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My Sheets Are Dry

It seems that I am finally able to sleep without a diaper. Mom and I bought new, bright red sheets yesterday and this morning all was dry! The first thing Finn does when he wakes up in the morning is see if it's all dry. And of course most of the time it is... and then Finn is very proud of me. I make sure I don't drink too much in the evening. Also, mom or dad get me out of bed before they go to sleep, and bring me to the toilet. I am half asleep so I hardly notice. I haven't needed a diaper for weeks now.


...Leftover Squash Medjool Dessert

....on my pancakes this morning for breakfast. Yum.

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