maandag, juli 19, 2004


OFF Taking a Big Holiday...

Everything is in the car...we will leave really early. We'll sleep in the tent. Our neighbour takes care of the chickens & cats. See you around August 15. xxx, Nick.

zondag, juli 18, 2004

We built the Special Farm with Lego. See the tractor, me in the wheelbarrow, the goats, the chicken, mom in the car, the farmer...I can play for a long time with this. I pretend I am on the farm, that I am at work. Posted by Hello

zaterdag, juli 17, 2004


Getting Ready for The Big Holiday

My favourite place, the beach. Posted by Hello

vrijdag, juli 16, 2004

This drawing I made today with Geke. It is a drawing of the Special Farm. Look closely and you'll see Farmer Jos, the tractor, the farm and a wheelbarrow.  Posted by Hello


Cooking Cooking Cooking

cooking ...all afternoon yesterday and all day today, is wat Hester did. She made enough bread for a month, enough omelettes for a month, honey nougat, and very thin pancakes. It saves my mom and dad so much time. Only thing they have to do is make yoghurt, prepare nut milk and fresh vegetables & fruit. The basic things are there, and plenty. And Hester is getting quite good at it too...! Faster, more efficient...



Lunchtime at the Playground. I went there with Geke. I had a good time. We also played on the swing. A boy pushed me on the swing. Posted by Hello


The Playground

The 'ticket office' at the playground. This is Robin. We pretended we were on a pirate ship. Big fun. Posted by Hello


SCD Bread

Lois Lang's Luscious Bread, 1st batch, baked by my aunt Hester. Posted by Hello

donderdag, juli 15, 2004


Nice Day on The Farm Again

Just back from the Special Farm. I worked with the youngest cows, with the big cows and I cuddled the kittens. The farmer asked me if I'd like to take a ride on the tractor again. Of course I said yes. We mowed the field. I had lunch with my co-workers. Mom and Finn picked me up. I was really, really tired because all of this is very exciting for me.
To top it off mom took me to the tractor shop.
Aunt Hester has arrived to do her monthly cooking for me. She will make Lois Lang Bread, omeletties and much more. Dinner will be:
sea fruit (octopus, shrimp etc)
nut yoghurt
goat yoghurt

Showing Finn around on the Special Farm this morning.  Posted by Hello

woensdag, juli 14, 2004

Well if I were a chicken, I'd want this house. Still wet from paint, but looking very handsome. Built by Vincent, finished by Scott. Posted by Hello


Giving the Chickens a new Home

For our Friesche Zilverpel Chickens we have made a new house. Scott and dad built it yesterday. Scott finished painting it just now. When the paint is dry, we will carry the house to the orchard. The chickens can then walk there. They will have so much space. Now they are under a net, in the strawberry garden. I like the net because I can chase the chickens there. I know I should not do that. But the chickens are soooo nice. Also I have to check if they have laid an egg. But Scott says they are too small to produce eggs.

maandag, juli 12, 2004


Manure Injector (more pictures)

....and then there's this big one. It's called a mest injector. It will inject manure into the soil. As you see it is no small thing. I was highly impressed by what the shop had for sale. Posted by Hello


The Tractor Shop

HA. This afternoon we drove to the tractor shop. This is the oldest they have for sale, just what I like. Perfect for me & Finn to drive around with in the garden. Posted by Hello

zondag, juli 11, 2004



Somewhere next week we plan to leave for a holiday. If the weather is nice, we stay close to Holland. If the weather is bad, we must find the sun somewhere else. To keep my tummy healthy, I have to eat homemade yoghurt at least once a day. That is why mom bought a mini-fridge that runs on electricity, battery and gaz. So we can take yoghurt with us, and also bread.

The independant cooler Posted by Hello

zaterdag, juli 10, 2004


Aren't They Lovely...

Geke and her handsome lover, just married and looking totally happy.  Posted by Hello

Having a great time at Geke's wedding. See the wedding car?  Posted by Hello

vrijdag, juli 09, 2004


Wedding Weather...?

Today my teacher Geke is getting married to her Erik. It is raining terribly. All my teachers, mom & dad, and Scott and Finn have helped with making a nice present for them.

donderdag, juli 08, 2004


Tired, tired, tired...

...from working on the Special Farm this morning. I fed the tiny newborn Lakenvelder cows, I fed the bigger cows, cleaned the rabbit's cages. And the best thing of all: I went to the village with Farmer Jos and my friend Geke ON THE TRACTOR. All I could say when mom picked me up was "have to wait a week till I go to the Special Farm again...". What a day.
This is the Lakenvelder cow, just like the one on the Special Farm. Posted by Hello

woensdag, juli 07, 2004


A Special Farm For Special People ( Dutch link)

Tomorrow's the BIG day for me. It's the first real morning on the Special Farm. On the Special Farm I will help Jos and Karin, the farmers, with their work. I will feed the cows, clean the rabbit's cages, help with the goats, groom the ponies, and see if the chickens have laid their eggs. Maybe there will be tractors. I get to wear a coverall and boots for the job, just like Jos. Of course I am very excited about all of this. I talk about it several times a day.
(Note: here's how we finance this. The Dutch government gives every citizen the right to choose your own personal care. For a child with autism this can mean hiring your own teachers. Nick has a Personal Budget, money from the Government, to pay all his 'staff'. Also from this budget he will pay the farmers Jos & Karin)

dinsdag, juli 06, 2004



Our young almost-Siamese-cat Vlokje on the lookout for another mouse or bird to catch & play with... Posted by Hello


...ready for dinner

Just relaxing after a tough day out in the fields. For dinner I had
Ragu Bolognese and a fish omelette, steamed broccoli and steamed, very young zucchini. Dessert was nut yoghurt with a tiny bit of goat yoghurt (1/8th of a teaspoon) and after that my dad surprised me with a small basket of raspberries.
 Posted by Hello



This is Tractor Pulling. The noise that this tractor makes is hellish. You have to plug your ears. It is basic, simple FUN. Posted by Hello


Lance Armstrong, be my guest

For my tractorpulling photographs I need a photo album. In the small village where we live there was no album to be found. So we have to go on the bike to the next village, 2.5 miles from here. This is a big big bike ride for me. Karin says we have all day. So we took lunch
(LoisLang Pecanbread + cream cheese, some honey nougat and two handfuls of tay berries, diluted homemade apple juice)
and off we went. When I come home, mom will have the yellow jersey ready I expect.

maandag, juli 05, 2004

The young chickens. We picked them up yesterday. They're called Friesche Zilverpel Kippen. Posted by Hello

Big brother Scott holding our one and only rooster. Posted by Hello

THE tay berry... Posted by Hello

THE yellow raspberry... Posted by Hello


Fruit craze

Since last weekend, I realize that I like all kinds of small fruits. I mean raspberries, black berries, strawberries, tayberries...all these we have in the garden. We have this game: I close my eyes and I guess what kind of fruit I eat. Because I don't see it, it's really hard for me. I can already taste the difference between melon and pineapple.


new chickens!

we went to Friesland to pick up the 8 new chickens. They are black and white and still very small. I must remember not to cuddle them too fanatically. They are like babies and I have to be careful.

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