maandag, februari 12, 2007


My Monday At School

I'm also going to school on Mondays now. The best thing is the gym. My teacher-from-home Karin was there to look at me.
During the lesson we put coloured objects where they belonged. We climbed, swayed, hung on the rings. The grand finale was the huge parachute....up, down, and in the end all of us underneath the parachute. Of course I saw that this parachute looks a lot like a hot air balloon from the inside....! I fell over, I had to laugh so much!
As if all of this was not enough, I expected a small soccer game. Maybe next week?


I Knew It

I knew they would come much, much earlier this year. Mom saw it coming. She rushed into my room. "Boots, Jacket, Quick" So Paulien and I flew outside.

donderdag, februari 08, 2007



woensdag, februari 07, 2007


Custom Banana

This is how I eat my bananas. They should be very ripe.

dinsdag, februari 06, 2007


"But Nick, it's freezing outside!"

"What's that on your feet?"


"Why are you wearing sandals?"

"For no reason" (Zomaar)

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