maandag, mei 29, 2006



(About regrets, feeling sorry, the concept of punishment:
Last week we saw the first signs of regret, wanting to be 'good'. Both
Finn and Nick had been told to put something back where it belongs. They both
refused. They were both punished: no bedtime story.

For Nick, this usually means that he will find some kind of
distraction. He does not 'feel' the punishment. Because the bedtime story is so
important, he must have thought about his behaviour. He came out of his room and
said 'Sorry'. Also, he put back what he had been told to.

We consider this a big, big step.)


Fun Finn Time

Finn put his bike upside-down. He - or I - turns the pedals. We throw leaves into the wheel. We keep saying "de messen - de messen!" (the knives).
We laugh a lot.

Finn took me to the field. We rolled in the grass. He showed me the grass cutter that the farmer left behind. Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, mei 26, 2006


Everybody Needs A Tommy For A Pillow

My cat.
Tommy loves this. She lets me. She does not walk away. She will not growl. Posted by Picasa

maandag, mei 22, 2006



All ready to run like I never ran before! Last year, dad helped me along, this year mom did. At the start, I closely followed all other kids. I did not get tired. I ran all the way and never slowed down. near the finish line, I saw my teacher Karin and her husband Robert. That was quite a distraction.
I was very proud of myself after the race. I got a fantastic medal. Posted by Picasa

dinsdag, mei 16, 2006


Work Of Art

I made a cat today. It is a huge piece of work. I am proud of it. Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, mei 12, 2006


On Our Way Back

I was at the Special Farm. I did my farm work. I went home with Gerrit in the bus. Gerrit is Rosa and Fenna's grandfather. We sang a song in the bus. About me on Farmer Jos' tractor. And that I am not afraid on the tractor.

maandag, mei 08, 2006


School Business

(Yes, we still negotiate with the local school. We have firm and solid
inclusion plans. We have set up a Project Group to bring the plans to
realisation. We've now answered all questions that have been raised. The next
step is not just talking about the answers, but making sure
these are implemented. It all takes an incredible but necessary amount of


Tommy Is My Best Friend

I am checking her teeth.

(Moments later, Tommy's paws/claws were checked. Tommy decided that Nick's
eyebrows needed checking. Tommy is tolerant but seemingly has her limits.)
 Posted by Picasa

vrijdag, mei 05, 2006



Still waiting for the next fleet of balloons flying over. One day there will be less wind, I'm sure.

Tomorrow we have a big, big party.
Mom's aunt & uncle will celebrate their anniversary. We'll have a garden party. Posted by Picasa

maandag, mei 01, 2006


Ballooning Sunday

I have waited so long, all winter. I have talked about it. I listened to stories. Sang songs.
This evening they were in the air. Five yellow hot air balloons.

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