dinsdag, januari 31, 2006


The Yellow Tractor

My birthday tractor has been in the garden for a long time. It was waiting patiently for me on the path. My teacher Karin has been asking every week if I want to go with the yellow tractor. I never wanted to. Today we did. I was proud to be behind the wheel again.

maandag, januari 30, 2006


....Mmmmmm New Cookies

donderdag, januari 26, 2006


"Today On The Special Farm..."

"......I saw the milk truck. It came in the afternoon. I helped with
the animals. I fed the cows. later in the afternoon I fed a tiny lamb! It needed
help, it was small. I stroked it. I gave it some milk. It was beautiful. It will
be a sheep later."

woensdag, januari 25, 2006


"Tomorrow At The Special Farm I Will...."

".....fetch bales. Hay bales.
I will feed the cows.
I shall put boots on.
I will feed the cows 'brokjes' (?bits?).

I shall wait for the 'voederwagen' (bulk truck)"

"My head is quiet"


Hungry Little Hedgehoggie

Hungry Little Hedgehoggie
Originally uploaded by SpecificFoodsForSpecificMinds.
I watched this hedgehog yesterday. It was tiny. It wanted food. Scott gave crackers.

donderdag, januari 19, 2006


Today At The Special Farm

(when he comes home, I can smell the cows on him. Also he's very tired.)

"My nose hurt. I bumped into a car. A mirror has broken. I went out with
the tractor to get food. Corn. Jos came with me. I brought this to the cows.
When we had lunch, we had a good time.
I read a tractor magazine.
There were many people at the farm. I hit Jos. Jos was not happy with that.
Erica took me home."

(I just learned that he has not hit anyone at all today.)

woensdag, januari 18, 2006


"Time for a haircut"

"Time for a haircut"
Originally uploaded by SpecificFoodsForSpecificMinds.
I concentrated really hard to get this haircut right. Vlok should look nice! Finn had done the teddy bear last week. He cut away the hair around its eyes, so it can see properly now!
Vlok was happy when I did my cutting. She never moved.

vrijdag, januari 06, 2006

When I got home from the Special Farm, mom had a surprise for me. The new tractor magazine. Although it looks more or less the same every time, I was very happy with it. Posted by Picasa

donderdag, januari 05, 2006


Today At The Special Farm

(Nick's exact words:)
Today, I was with Jos. We went out with the Renault tractor to fetch some hay bales. These were for the cows. Some of the bales were damaged.
In the village, we saw a blow-up Santa Claus near a factory. I also saw a
manure tank. It was rather cold. For the rest, we did nothing.

dinsdag, januari 03, 2006


Been Sick...

....but I feel better now.
Last week, I spent two days at the Special Farm. When mom picked me up, I already did not feel well. Lots of diarrea, very irritated red skin around my bum. And yesterday I threw up all my food time after time. I could not sleep at all in the evening and stayed up until midnight.
Today all has cleared up. I intend to eat myself a nice round tummy again, because I lost some weight. Posted by Picasa

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