vrijdag, december 31, 2004


Day Off

Mom & I did some shopping. We went to the windmill in Ommen to buy chicken food and of course some food for ourselves. On our way there I saw lots and lots of milk trucks and food trucks. Finn wore his knight's clothes all day again. Scott built a tree house. I wanted to go look there this evening but mom would not let me. She said it was too dark and I would not see a thing.
(It seems that on thursdays the milk trucks really hit this region)

donderdag, december 30, 2004

....gone.... Posted by Hello

....nut milk moustache.... Posted by Hello

....drinking nut milk..... Posted by Hello

And this is my painting for baby Rosa, Jos and Karin. A pink cloud with a party. Posted by Hello

This card came this morning: farmer Jos and Farmer Karin have a daughter! Her name is Rosa. Posted by Hello

woensdag, december 29, 2004



This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

dinsdag, december 28, 2004

Vlok doing some ating and drinking. Late this afternoon, he had a visitor. Fem came by to bring a get well card and lots of nice things to eat. A good heart these days... Posted by Hello

not "shake your tail feathers" but shake your head feathers Posted by Hello

the very grumpy looking snowman that mainly my teacher made. I was so busy counting the snowflakes that I almost forgot to help her.  Posted by Hello

and it tastes like water really Posted by Hello

yeaaaaahhhh snoooooowwww!!!! Posted by Hello


Tsunami Help

View from our office window this morning. I'm off with my teacher, and together with Finn, to go see a movie (Pluk van de Petteflet, Dutch). Posted by Hello

(Small curtains still in his eyes...but doing better. Can eat and drink a bit by himself now, needs only a bit of help.)  Posted by Hello

maandag, december 27, 2004

Sundown, december 25 Posted by Hello

"Well, I'm still the toughest guy" Posted by Hello

Finn had decided that he would wear his knights' clothes all day long Posted by Hello

High on the hill (Lemelerberg), quite windy, as ever on that spot Posted by Hello

Downhill running with dad Posted by Hello

Already able to hold up his own head, not possible just 2 days ago

(Funny things happen with this cat. On thursday we think it would be better if he were dead, such a high fever...and a couple of hours later he's out of this fever. Now today he did eat some cat food from a can (Gourmet). No walking yet, but not terminal anymore)

vrijdag, december 24, 2004

(Vlokje is getting a bit better. We are giving anti biotics - since he had this big wound, with so much street dirt in it. He lifts his head a bit, his legs are not so rigid anymore)

donderdag, december 23, 2004


Quiet Day On The Special Farm

Mom took me to the Special Farm this morning. She had something to discuss with farmer Jos and also of course she wanted to know how Farmer Karin is doing. Plus she wished them a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Only one other person was there to work on the farm...really quiet. I told mom & dad that I fed the cows and that we went into the village to buy food for the animals.
(Vlokje is still in terrible shape. I won't post any pictures. He is fighting and he seems desperate to hang on to life. No meouwing, just sleeping and lying there. I do not know about pain, it seems less somehow. I have to feed him water. )

Happy to be with my beautiful and sweet teacher...

One cold afternoon. Taking a long walk with my teacher. See the branch I have in my right hand? This is my machine. I use it to cut things. It also makes sounds.

woensdag, december 22, 2004

Vlok, last week Posted by Hello

(He did make it through the night, unexpectedly. Vlokje is now home, but NOT doing well at all. Cannot walk, cannot eat, needs to be given its water, meouws in a way we have never heard before -he's obviously in pain-, has a funny look in his eyes. He's not even a shadow of what he was. But this dramatic thump on his head needs a lot of time. I do hope he recovers just a bit, he's improving slowly now. He has a big wound at his bottom, stitched up now. He needs an enormous amount of care. Scott can not bear to look at him. So although this is Finn's cat, Scott loves it to bits. Personally, I am not very optimistic about Vlokje's future. Sorry to say that the vet shares my view. He won't die, but what life is there ahead. But who knows, maybe in the new year he'll walk around the garden again...the vet certainly has seen funnier things happen with cats.)

dinsdag, december 21, 2004

Just returned from the vet. Vlokje was almost dead, already felt cold to the touch. I was told in fact to take him home and bury him. But upon taking him out of the cage, he moved his ears a bit. The vet put his little cage on a heating pad. See if he'll make it through the night.

Well we had a call from the vet. He told us Vlokje is still in too bad shape to take home. He twiches his little head, something that needs to get less first. But he's a tough little fellow!
 Posted by Hello

This was what was so distracting to me. It took my mind away from Vlokje. These machines I saw from the office window. The yellow machine scoops dirt out of the water with a special adapter, the green one is a special tractor that I have never seen before. Posted by Hello


Oh Terrible Accident With Vlokje

This is the road where we live...as you can see: straight, so that one can really make some speed and NOT see any cats crossing the street!!! ...and this is where Scott found Vlokje this morning. He was on his way to school as we saw him coming back with Vlokje in his arms. All bloody, his small head... Dad took Vlokje in his arms and he moved his ears a bit. Mom rushed him to the vet. It now looks like Vlokje will make it. He has a big wound near his tail. His head was so bloody because he hit the road on his mouth.
I tried to comfort Scott a bit. He was so very very sad. But later on, as my teacher came in, I'd forgotten all about Vlokje. There were other things to see on out street.
(This evening, if all goes well, we can pick him up. Prognosis is that he will live, but that he will need many days to recover. The vet cannot say if he will fully recover. Needless to say we are full of anger towards the filthy, mean person who left our precious, beautiful cat terribly wounded out in the cold. It was sheer luck that Scott found him so nearby. We'd rather not think about what would have happened if he had not found him.)
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maandag, december 20, 2004


Sleeping (....) At The Special Goat Farm

Mom took me to the Special Goat Farm. I knew I was going to sleep there. When it was bedtime, I realized that the bedroom at Fokalien is upstairs! Huh? But I always sleep DOWNstairs at home! I got all mixed up. In the end I felt so sad. So Fokalien called mom and she picked me up straight away.
The next day, Saturday, dad took me to the farm again and I had a good time. I drove around on the skelter, in the goat stable.
So the thing is, sleeping UPstairs was very confusing to me. The room is different, the bed is different. But Fokalien is still the same and that is why I love going to the Goat Farm.

Some tangible frost on a piece of wood. Posted by Hello

Sokje, looking angrier that she usually is. She has the sweetest character. Posted by Hello

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