woensdag, augustus 25, 2004


To The Library Getting Some Books

You may know that I have 4 different teachers. They teach me many things, right here at home in my own workspace. The teaching is based on Applied Behaviour Analysis, aka ABA. Every monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday I have 1-on-1 education. On thursdays I go to the Special Farm. In the weekends there's my brothers to play with. Hopefully I can sometimes stay over on the Special Farm for the weekend.
Usually, in the mornings we sit down and do some serious teaching, but the afternoons are for a bit more fun. Like going to the library here in the village. I am still searching for a nice book about knights.
Going to the toilet has been very difficult for me for years, really. BUT! Ever since we went to France, my toilet habits have improved almost to perfection. No one has to tell me to go, I will do this when I feel I have to.
Tips & Tricks for getting your child with autism potty trained

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