dinsdag, oktober 26, 2004


Scott's Birthday

My brother is now ten years old! He got many presents. Scott loves sports and is an very active boy. So he got a compass, a Swiss Knife, a sports watch, a calendar with cats, a book, new socks, and other nice things. My birthday is not far away either. We had lots of people at our house. Because I knew them all well, I was relaxed about it. As a surprise, I spent the saturday at the Special Farm. I picked up the large hay bales for the cows in the tractor with Farmer Jos.

Did you get any pictures of the Special Farm?
well the farmer is very strict about that. No publicity. So I'd have to ask permission and then of course most of the spontaneous fun is gone. I'll give it a try though. It's mostly not me that takes Nick there anyway, it's my mother. The next time I'm bringing him myself, I'll take the camera and ask.
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