zaterdag, oktober 09, 2004



I was awake at about 7.30 this morning. I decided it was time to roll around a bit in my bed. But I forgot that I always have to go to the toilet so I did my BM (poop) in bed. But the rolling around was big fun. Then I was hungry. I climbed out of bed. I entered the kitchen. Mom was a bit shocked by how I looked. I took a long shower. Dad put soap on me - twice in fact. I still had that funny smell around me all morning. My sheets are still in the washing machine. They simply won't get cleaned up.
This evening I decided it was time to make up a bit for my forgetfulness. I - again - climbed out of bed, but this time I sat down on the toilet to do what I have to do. I know I am a big boy. Dad feels lucky because the poop was all in the bed and not on the wall or between the cracks of the floor this morning.

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