donderdag, oktober 21, 2004


Good Day On The Special Farm

But I was so tired when I got home. All I wanted to do was lie down and play a bit with my tractor. Finn was glad to see me and wanted very much to play but I was not in the mood. I showed grandma our new Minorca chickens. They are biiiiig, huge... Only when someone will hold my hand, I dare go near the chickens and the roosters. Mom was attacked by our Friesche Zilverpel rooster this weekend. She was really angry at him and said this rooster was getting way too protective.

Many of my family are farmers. I know how aggresive chooks can be. But they've got nothing on goats.
hello nick
That is a big bird. I used to have chooks and my nana took them as they also became vicious. While I love them, I am still scared of them today.
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