vrijdag, oktober 08, 2004


A Bit Better

This evening during dinner, I did some good talking. (On the TV I saw an inflatable big bird. I said: "maybe a baby has been born. Dutch: Misschien is er wel een baby geboren" A good solid sentence plus some imagination) Only when I feel good, I can talk well.
A relaxing and sunny day. Lots of outside work. The field next to our house has been mowed for the last time this year. And then the tractor comes with a special instrument to turn all the grass upside down, so that it can dry in the sun. I have been watching that from the trampolene. To get to the trampolene, I have to walk past the chickens and I am a bit afraid. We have new chickens, but some have already escaped. Mom & Scott tried to catch them, but they wasted their time. The new chickens are like combat soldiers, you can't see them because of their colour. They do go to sleep in the big chicken house though. Also, there are some baby chickens that still have to grow a lot. They are locked in the small chicken house for a couple of days so they know it is their home.

I would be more scared of the trampolene than the chickens!
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